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CUSTOM VITALFOAM MEMORY PILLOWS - A true HIGH DENSITY 5.25lb to 4lb Viscoelastic Memory Foam. Revolutionary technology shapes to the head and neck. It reacts to the temperature of the body to form to the head and neck, giving proper support while maintaining softness. Helps with Headaches, Neck Pain and insomnia. Hypoallergenic, antibacterial/fungal. Standard 20x13x4" Ordering Info. Standard $35-$54.95

Mediflow Water Pillow

MEDIFLOW WATER PILLOW - water base, provides outstanding comfort and responsiveness for your head and neck. As you roll from back to side, the water instantly adjusts to maintain correct head and neck support and outstanding comfort.  Ordering Info. $34.95


VITALATEX LATEX NECK SUPPORT PILLOW - High quality latex foam pillow. Enjoy proper neck support while you sleep. Designed for back or side sleeping. Great for those individuals allergic to the smell of Memory Viscoelastic foam products. Resilient, odorless and long lasting latex foam pillow. Ordering Info. $24.95

VitalFoam Deluxe bed Pillow

VITALFOAM DELUXE BED PILLOW (24x16.5x4.5") - Exclusive VITALFOAM Memory Technology. Made of Highest quality European 5lb viscoelastic memory foam. This pillow is shaped like a standard fill pillow for those who prefer the non-contoured shape of standard pillows with the benifit of soft, supple visco-elastic memory foam. Super soft memory foam designed for optimum comfort. INCLUDES a contoured cotton cover. You can also use standard 24x17x5" or larger pillow cases with this pillow. - Ordering Info. $69.95

Memory Lite Viscoelastic Memory Pillow

MEMORY LITE PILLOW - Same Revolutionary technology as our Memory Pillows, but in a lighter visco-elastic foam. It reacts to the temperature of the body to form to the head and neck, giving proper support while maintaining softness. Helps with Headaches, Neck Pain and insomnia. Hypoallergenic, antibacterial/fungal. Ordering Info. $35.95

Fiber DH Orthopedic Pillow

FIBER DH PILLOW (16 X 24 X 4.25") - Highest quality fiber fill pillow filled with Dacron Hollofil fiber. Non-allergenic, resilient, odorless and long lasting. New Anti-microbial fiber. Ordering Info. $29.95

PETITE PILLOW (13 X 19 X 3.5") - Made for small adults and children. Also great for travel. Ordering Info. $24.95

Comfort U Body Support Pillow

COMFORT U BODY SUPPORT PILLOW - a generously oversized U-shaped pillow, long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body. Cradle your body to help eliminate tossing and turning, keeping your neck, shoulders,back and hips aligned all night long. The Comfort-U pillow makes a great support for reading, nursing, watching TV. Enhances support during pregnancy. Ordering Info. Body Pillows From $39.95 - 99.95

Memory Foam Adjustable Pillow

MEMORY PLUS ADJUSTABLE PILLOW - Memory Lite pillow with the ability to increase the support and height with changeable inserts. Adjusts easily to 3,4,5 and 6 inch Heights. Comes with an extra set of firm inserts for additional height and support. Ordering Info. $79.00


U-SHAPED MICRO BEAD TRAVEL PILLOW by iJoy (12x12x4") - New U shaped Black Travel Neck Support Micro Foam Bead Pillow Cushion - Pillow has very fine polystyrene micro beads covered in a plush polyester non-removable cover. Approximate dimensions are 12x12" and 4" thick at the back of the pillow. Each leg is approximately 5" wide and tapers down to 3" thick at the tips. Ordering Info. $12.95

Inflatable Travel Pillow
INFLATABLE NECK TRAVEL PILLOWS - Horseshoe shaped inflatable velour neck pillow cradles your neck while supporting your head in all directions. Great for traveling and in the bath tub! . Navy Blue complete with travel case . Ordering Info. $5.00


U-SHAPED TRAVEL PILLOWS - Great for use while traveling, watching TV, reading, or napping. Use it in the hotel, automobile or airplane. Provides support and comfort in a compact size. Ordering Info.
FIBER FILL - $15.95


Fiber Support Roll

(16.5 X 7"), (14 X 4"), (3 X 20") Great for lounging or napping.

Ordering Info.


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