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Ekornes Stressless Paloma Leather Recliner and Ottoman.

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Stressless Paloma Leather - Our Stressless Paloma Leather is Deeply dyed, only slightly corrected leather, Paloma leather's grain allows natural markings to remain. The corrected top layer of Paloma leather has smoothed out some of the structure, giving it a widely enjoyed approval by most customers with its wide range of color choices. Only a thin coat of lacquer is applied to protect the surface. This allows for its very organic, smooth and supple feel. Stressless Paloma Leather still remains resistant to indirect light sources and will require immediate clean up from spills to keep the damage from entering deeper into the skin.

Stressless Leather Upgrade Sale

All Stressless Ekornes® Leathers are sourced from cattle tanneries worldwide. During the manufacturing process, the hides are deep dyed. For variation, basic dye colors and varying dye colors (with visible two-toned effects) are offered. Inspection is in accordance with international norms for quality and determination. Manufactured according to existing laws and guidelines for human useage and at all times, the Ekornes® company cooperates with international institutions regarding the safety, content and use of chemicals as well as other substances relating to health and environment of its leathers.


Paloma Khaki Stressless Leather ColorKhaki Paloma Leather Paloma Pearl Grey Stressless Leather ColorPearl Grey Paloma Leather
Paloma Stone Stressless Leather ColorStone Paloma Leather Paloma Light Grey Stressless Leather ColorLight Grey Paloma Leather
Paloma Oxford Blue Stressless Leather ColorOxford Blue Paloma Leather Paloma Black Stressless Leather ColorBlack Paloma Leather
Paloma Sand Stressless Leather ColorSand Paloma Leather Paloma Tan Stressless Leather ColorTan Paloma Leather
Paloma Pearl Stressless Leather ColorPearl Paloma Leather Paloma New Winered Stressless Leather ColorNew Winered Paloma Leather
Paloma New Forest Stressless Leather ColorNew Forest Paloma Leather Paloma Kitt Stressless Leather ColorKitt Paloma Leather
Paloma Chocolate Stressless Leather ColorChocolate Paloma Leather Paloma Mocca Stressless Leather ColorMocca Paloma Leather
Paloma Cognac Stressless Leather ColorCognac Paloma Leather Paloma Brandy Stressless Leather ColorBrandy Paloma Leather
Paloma Coffee Stressless Leather ColorCoffee Paloma Leather Paloma Cherry Stressless Leather ColorCherry Paloma Leather
Paloma Chilli Red Stressless Leather ColorChilli Red Paloma Leather Paloma Lilac Purple Stressless Leather ColorLilac Paloma Leather
Paloma Taupe Stressless Leather ColorTaupe Paloma Leather Paloma Green Stressless Leather ColorGreen Paloma Leather
Paloma Camel Stressless Leather ColorCamel Paloma Leather Paloma Cerise Stressless Leather ColorCerise Pink Paloma Leather
Paloma Indigo Stressless Leather Color by EkornesIndigo Paloma Leather Paloma Clementine Stressless Leather Color by EkornesClementine Paloma Leather
Paloma Rock Stressless Leather Color by EkornesRock Paloma Leather Paloma Brown Stressless Leather Color by EkornesBrown Paloma Leather
Paloma Tomato Stressless Leather Color by EkornesTomato Paloma Leather Paloma Aqua Green Stressless Leather Color by EkornesAqua Green Paloma Leather
Paloma Henna Stressless Leather Color by EkornesHenna Paloma Leather Paloma Funghi Stressless Leather Color by EkornesFunghi Paloma Leather
Paloma Vanilla Stressless Leather Color by EkornesVanilla Paloma Leather Paloma Metal Grey Stressless Leather Color by EkornesMetal Grey Paloma Leather
Paloma Beige Stressless Leather Color by EkornesBeige Paloma Leather Paloma Copper Stressless Leather Color by EkornesCopper Paloma Leather
Paloma Cherry Stressless Leather Color by EkornesCherry Paloma Leather Paloma Sparrow Blue Stressless Leather Color by EkornesSparrow Blue Paloma Leather
Paloma Chestnut Stressless Leather Color by EkornesChestnut Paloma Leather Paloma Summer Green Stressless Leather Color by EkornesSummer Green Paloma Leather
Paloma Olive Stressless Leather Color by EkornesOlive Paloma Leather Paloma Graphite Stressless Leather Color by EkornesGraphite Paloma Leather
Stressless Paloma Amber Green Leather 094 95 by EkornesAmber Green Paloma Leather Stressless Paloma Apricot Orange Leather 094 36 by EkornesApricot Orange Paloma Leather
Stressless Paloma Dusty Rose Leather 094 69 by EkornesDusty Rose Paloma Leather Stressless Paloma Plum Purple Leather 094 63 by EkornesPlum Purple Paloma Leather

Stressless Paloma Leather Colors


About Stressless Paloma Leather - Ekornes purchases its upholstery leather from the leading worldwide tanneries. The hide selection process is overseen by Offical Ekornes Stressless inspectors using the most stringent international quality control standards in the industry. All Stressless Leather is aniline-dyed. Color nuances are normal and should be expected. Please note that Leather absorbs moisture and breathes. With this some color changes will occur with time and will be accelerated with exposure to sunlight.

Stressless Leathers are offered in five different Grades:

Stressless Batick Leather

Stressless Classic Leather

Stressless Paloma Leather

Premium Royalin Leather

Premium Noblesse Leather

Important Information when buying Paloma Leather Furniture: Leather is a natural product. Color variations are normal and colors might vary slightly from one product to another. The leather is sensitive to direct sunlight, stains and prespiration. The color will change over time, with exposure to light and with normal use. Marks left by scars and insect bites are a natural feature of leather with natural grain. Always be sure to protect your leather furniture from direct sunlight, excessive body oils and heating sources.

Stressless Fabrics are offered in six different styles:

Stressless Siena Fabric

Stressless Ocean Fabric

Stressless Oasis Fabric

Stressless Stella Fabric

Stressless Luna Fabric

Stressless Dinamica Fabric




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Stressless Paloma Leather by Ekornes



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Stressless Recliner Chair Clearance Discount Sale

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