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Stressless offers Seven categories of leather in a selection of beautiful colors

Ekornes® is one of Europe's major users of upholstery leather. The hides are bought from leading tanneries throughout the world. Our own inspectors are part of a rigorous selection process, which includes the most stringent international standards as a minimum requirement for quality control. You benefit from our experience of this process when you buy Stressless® and Ekornes® leather furniture.

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Ekornes® offers seven types of leathers - each in a full range of colors.

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Stressless Batick Leather Colors by Ekornes BATICK LEATHER COLORS - A corrected aniline-dyed, pigmented and grain-embossed upholstery leather, which has had most of its natural marks removed. The protective layer of lacquer allows spills to be easily removed. Easy to clean and attractively priced, Batick is a popular choice for those who want a more resilient leather. See Batick Leather Colors
Stressless Classic Leather Colors by EkornesCLASSIC LEATHER COLORS - DISCONTINUED - A corrected aniline-dyed, pigmented and grain-embossed upholstery leather, but with a larger pebbled grain and thicker than Batick. Most of the natural marks are removed; however, some may still be slightly apparent. A protective layer of lacquer allows most types of spills to be easily removed. For this reason, Classic is a popular choice for many families. The Stressless Classic Leather is now discontinued. See Classic Leather Colors - This Leather has been Discontinued by Stressless.
Stressless Paloma Leather Colors by EkornesPALOMA LEATHER COLORS - An aniline-dyed upholstery leather with a combination of dyes and pigments in the finish. Paloma has a natural grain pattern with visible natural marks. The light finishing treatment improves the physical properties and provides a more uniform color. Paloma has been developed to produce a very soft, rich and friendly feel. The preferred choice of those who want a soft, authentic look in leather that breathes well. See Paloma Leather Colors
Stressless Cori Leather Colors by EkornesCORI LEATHER COLORS - Cori Leather is a corrected, pigment improved and grain embossed upholstery leather. Cori Leather has a substantial body and a distinct pebbled grain. Most of Cori Leathers natural marks are removed. Cori Leather has a tip-shine which adds depth and character to the surface. Some colors have two-tone / tone on tone effect. A protective layer of lacquer simplifies cleaning. Cori Leather is a wise choice if you want leather with excellent utilisation properties, a robust structure and an exclusive look. See Cori Leather Colors
Stressless Pioneer Leather Colors by EkornesPIONEER LEATHER COLORS - Pioneer is a luxurious full grain aniline pull-up leather. This exclusive and delicate quality retains the full original grain of the leather, and is treated with waxes, oils and transparent dyes. This enhances the soft touch and natural appeal, offering deep, vibrant colors and a beautiful luster. The full-bodied leather sensation and natural transparent look will gain patina and become even more beautiful with age. On an exclusive leather like Pioneer you will find natural characteristics like color nuances, difference in structure, marks and skin blemishes. Pioneer absorbs moisture easily and is vulnerable to heat, sunlight, spills and perspiration. Regular care and precautions are important to keep the luxurious and elegant appearance. See Pioneer Leather Colors
Stressless Premium Royalin Leather Colors by EkornesROYALIN LEATHER COLORS - DISCONTINUED - The heaviest and most exclusive Ekornes® leather type. Royalin is an aniline-dyed, upholstery leather with a natural pebbled grain with visible natural marks. A very light surface treatment has been added for protection. A natural leather that breathes well, it has a soft feel and a rich, warm glow. The Stressless Royalin Leather is now discontinued. It has been replaced by the Noblesse Leather. - This Leather has been Discontinued by Stressless.
Stressless Premium Noblesse Leather Colors by EkornesNOBLESSE LEATHER COLORS - The Stressless Noblesse is the most exclusive leather quality offered by Ekornes. It is a full grain semi-aniline, which means that it is dyed all the way through and has only a thin protective topcoat. This allows the leather to keep the natural softness and lustre that characterises a first-class furniture leather. A natural material like Noblesse retains its original grain and structure. Minor color nuances and skin blemishes may also occur. Such individual details could lead to slight variations in different parts of the furniture cover. Although the topcoat provides a measure of protection, Noblesse is the most delicate of the leather qualities that Ekornes uses. It absorbs moisture easily, and is more vulnerable to wear and tear, heat, sunlight, spills and perspiration. Regular maintenance is important to keep its attractive appearance. See Royalin Leather Colors

Stressless Wood Stained Base Colors
Stressless Wood Stained Finish Wood Base Colors by Ekornes

Stressless Leather Color Guide by Ekornes

Stressless Fabric Colors by Ekornes


Stressless Leather Colors by Ekornes

•All Stressless leather types and colors are through-dyed.
•Some colors have been enhanced with a two-tone effect.
•Color nuances are normal and to be expected.
•All Leather absorbs moisture and breathes.
•Color changes will occur with time, as a result of use and the effects of sunlight.

Leather is a beautiful and vibrant upholstery material. Ekornes® buys upholstery leather from leading tanneries from all over the world. The leather selection process, overseen by our own inspectors, implements the most stringent international quality control standards. Every piece of Stressless® and Ekornes® leather furniture reflects our distinguished taste for the finest leathers available.

Leather is a vibrant and beautiful upholstery material. The play of color in leather and its natural markings make each piece of furniture unique. Leather upholstery ages with style, acquiring a signature look that adds depth and character.

As leather is a natural product, color nuances are normal and may vary slightly from one product to another. The leather is sensitive to direct sunlight, stains and perspiration. Color change will occur with time, due to use and the effect of light. Marks left by scars and insect bites are natural features of this leather. Keep furniture protected from direct sunlight and heating sources.

Stressless Paloma Leather Colors by Ekornes

Stressless Fabric Color Guide Choices by EkornesEKORNES® Fabrics with high durability and beautiful texture.
Ekornes fabrics are made from high quality materials that provide great durability. Whenever we choose a new fabric for Stressless® and Ekornes® Collection, they have to pass through extensive testing to comply with the strict Ekornes demands. Only the best textiles that can withstand "hard use" and "normal use" are accepted. For families with children we recommend "hard use".

Stressless® offers you a completely new feeling of comfort; four contemporary, warm and luxurious fabric collections that complement our range of four leather categories. Choose from Cocoon, Natura, Oasis, and Placidus ranges, all available in a wide range of colors, so you'll find the perfect match for any interior.

Dinamica is a beautiful, timeless, comfortable and extremely durable textile. It is easy to clean and can be washed in machine at 60 degrees. Dinamica does not pill and is especially durable against light. Dinamica is manufactured in according to strict international demands for environmental friendly production.

Stressless Fabric Color Guide Choices by Ekornes

Stressless Fabric Colors by Ekornes

Stressless Colors by Ekornes

Stressless Dimamica Fabric Colors by Ekornes

Stressless Wood Finish Colors by EkornesThe EKORNES® Stressless wood stained base colors.

THE EKORNES® STRESSLESS® BASE is made from laminated European beech, a light colored wood with an attractive grain, exceptionally suitable for staining in various colors. Also, the strength of the wood makes beech furniture extremely durable.

Available in order to left -
Whitewash Oak, Natural, Oak, Light Walnut, Cherry, Teak, Brown Walnut, Mahogany, Grey, Wenge and Black.


Stressless Wood Stained Finish Wood Base Colors by Ekornes

Stressless Wood Finish Colors by Ekornes


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