Chromium HCA- All-Natural Weight Management Support
Chromium HCA combines premium chromium picolinate and high-quality hydroxycitrate (HCA) extracted from Garcinia cambogia. HCA helps to reduce the conversion of dietary carbohydrates into fat. These unconverted carbohydrates are then stored in the liver, triggering satiety in the brain. Chromium works by helping insulin function more appropriately in the body for healthy blood sugar levels.
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Chromium Picolinate- For Fat, Sugar and Protein Metabolism
Preliminary research indicates that chromium picolinate may help to decrease body fat and increase lean body mass. Chromium helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and is essential for the healthy metabolism of fat, sugar and protein. Click here for ordering Information.

L-Carnitine- For Fat Metabolism in Heart, Organs & Tissues
L-Carnitine is important in boosting energy levels for a healthy heart and for energizing every cell in the body. L-carnitine is responsible for transporting fat into the mitochondria, where cellular energy is created. This creation of energy from fat provides almost all of the energy the heart, skeletal muscles and organs require.
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PyruPlex™- For Healthy Metabolism
Pyruvic acid is a known biological chemical that plays an important role in healthy metabolic rate and carbohydrate metabolism. We are proud to offer a unique, patented blend of three forms of Pyruvate-calcium pyruvate, potassium pyruvate and sodium pyruvate.




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