Aminologic™- Free-Form Amino Acid Formula
Aminologic is a unique formula of free-form amino acids, which are used by the body to manufacture proteins. Amino acids serve numerous other functions, including ammonia detoxification, immune and intestinal support, and neurotransmitter synthesis.
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Androstenedione - Supports healthy testosterone levels
Androstenedione supports and supplements the body's natural biosynthesis of testosterone, providing for healthy muscle mass and bone tissue, while elevating energy levels. Click here for ordering Information.

Blue Green Algae- Concentrated Nutrient Source
PhysioLogics' pure blue green algae is harvested daily from the pristine Klamath Lake in Oregon. Blue green algae is a nutrient-dense food containing a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids.
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Chromium HCA- All-Natural Weight Management Support
Chromium HCA combines premium chromium picolinate and high-quality hydroxycitrate (HCA) extracted from Garcinia cambogia. HCA helps to reduce the conversion of dietary carbohydrates into fat. These unconverted carbohydrates are then stored in the liver, triggering satiety in the brain. Chromium works by helping insulin function more appropriately in the body for healthy blood sugar levels.
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Chromium Picolinate- For Fat, Sugar and Protein Metabolism
Preliminary research indicates that chromium picolinate may help to decrease body fat and increase lean body mass. Chromium helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and is essential for the healthy metabolism of fat, sugar and protein. Click here for ordering Information.

Coenzyme Q10- For Cardiovascular and Immune System Health
Coenzyme Q10 is essential for the production of cellular energy, known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Research indicates that coenzyme Q10 supports healthy cardiovascular and immune system function, healthy cholesterol levels and helps recycle vitamin E in the body.
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Creatine - Nutritional support for athletes
Creatine has been shown to build healthy muscle mass and bone tissue while elevating energy levels. Safe nutritional support for athletes seeking peak performance in short-duration, high-intensity efforts.
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Creatine Pyruvate - Energy for greater performance
Supplementation with Creatine Pyruvate provides complementary nutritional support for maximizing muscular performance and endurance in high-intensity exercise programs.
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DHEA- Dehydroepiandrosterone
Regardless of overall health, preliminary research indicates that the body's production of DHEA, a naturally occurring hormone, decreases dramatically with age. By age 50, DHEA levels can have fallen to half of what they were at age 25-30, when DHEA levels are at their peak. PhysioLogics offers the highest-quality DHEA available, tested to be at least 99.5% pure.
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Ginkgo Alert Formula™- For Greater Mental Performance
Ginkgo Alert Formula contains a comprehensive blend of nutrients and botanicals to support overall mental performance. Ginkgo biloba and gotu kola support circulation to the brain, and amino acids, DMAE and choline support the synthesis of neurotransmitters necessary for proper mental function. Panax ginseng helps reduce mental fatigue, and the B-vitamins support healthy mental and central nervous system function.
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Ginkgo Biloba- For Healthy Circulation and Mental Clarity
Ginkgo biloba promotes the elasticity and strengthening of the blood vessels and capillary walls in the body, helping to increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain. In fact, Ginkgo has been shown to enhance circulation to all of the extremities, and can even enhance erectile function. In addition, ginkgo has been shown to increase memory and mental clarity, and can help inhibit a decline in mental function.
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L-Carnitine- For Fat Metabolism in Heart, Organs & Tissues
L-carnitine is important in boosting energy levels for a healthy heart and for energizing every cell in the body. L-carnitine is responsible for transporting fat into the mitochondria, where cellular energy is created. This creation of energy from fat provides almost all of the energy the heart, skeletal muscles and organs require.
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Malic Acid+™- Combat Muscle Fatigue
This unique formula contains nutrients including malic acid, which stimulates ATP production (cellular energy). ATP is used by the body to combat muscle fatigue. Click here for ordering Information.

Modrenal GF™- For Nervous System and Adrenal Function
Modrenal GF is formulated with a complete balance of vitamins, minerals and botanicals to support nervous system and adrenal gland function. The B-vitamins and vitamin C have been included because these important nutrients are readily depleted by nervous tension.
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PhyTotality™- Combat Free Radical Damage
PhyTotality contains ten high potency, standardized herbal extracts in a vegetable base. Each of these Guaranteed Potency Herbs contains powerful phytochemicals known for their potent antioxidant activities. Many of these phytochemicals are believed to help support cellular health.

PyruPlex™- For Healthy Metabolism
Pyruvic acid is a known biological chemical that plays an important role in healthy metabolic rate and carbohydrate metabolism. We are proud to offer a unique, patented blend of three forms of Pyruvate–calcium pyruvate, potassium pyruvate and sodium pyruvate.

Siberian Ginseng- For Stamina and Endurance
Siberian Ginseng works as an adaptogen, helping the body adjust to a variety of stressful conditions, and supporting healthy stamina and endurance levels. Siberian ginseng can also help the body fight the side effects of stress and fatigue. Click here for ordering Information.

Thyroid Support Formula- For Proper Thyroid Function
Thyroid Support Formula nourishes the thyroid gland with nutrients essential for proper thyroid functioning. The thyroid gland is responsible for maintaining proper metabolic functioning and energy levels in the body. Click here for ordering Information.




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