Bilberry- For Eye and Capillary Health
Bilberry nourishes and strengthens the tiny capillaries that feed the eyes. Bilberry also improves night vision by regenerating visual purple and helps protect the eyes from free radical damage.
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DiaBest™- For Blood Sugar Health
DiaBest is based on the most current nutritional research in blood sugar health. This exclusive formula provides targeted nutritional support for special needs associated with blood sugar balances–including healthy blood glucose levels, immune system function and healthy circulation to the extremities.
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DiaBest 2™- For Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
DiaBest 2 is a unique formula that contains gymnema sylvestre, which supports the body's ability to produce insulin. Some researchers believe it may help the body repair beta cells, which are responsible for producing insulin in the pancreas. DiaBest 2 also provides BMOG and vanadyl sulfate, two forms of vanadium. Additionally, chromium picolinate and chromium nicotinate nutritionally supports the body's ability to maintain insulin function. For best results, use in conjunction with DiaBest(tm) formula.
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Ginkgo Alert Formula™- For Greater Mental Performance
Ginkgo Alert Formula contains a comprehensive blend of nutrients and botanicals to support overall mental performance. Ginkgo biloba and gotu kola support circulation to the brain, and amino acids, DMAE and choline support the synthesis of neurotransmitters necessary for proper mental function. Panax ginseng helps reduce mental fatigue, and the B-vitamins support healthy mental and central nervous system function.
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Ginkgo Biloba- For Healthy Circulation and Mental Clarity
Ginkgo biloba promotes the elasticity and strengthening of the blood vessels and capillary walls in the body, helping to increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain. In fact, Ginkgo has been shown to enhance circulation to all of the extremities, and can even enhance erectile function. In addition, ginkgo has been shown to increase memory and mental clarity, and can help inhibit a decline in mental function.
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Grape Seed Extract- Quench Free Radicals
Grape Seed Extract has been shown to be very effective at protecting the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. Grape Seed Extract also promotes eye health and supports the body's ability to maintain healthy collagen.
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Hawthorn- Protect Cardiovascular Function
Hawthorn has the unique ability to encourage the body to maintain open coronary blood vessels, insuring that the heart maintains a healthy supply of vital oxygen and nutrients. This ability also helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.
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L-Arginine- For Cardiovascular and Arterial Health
L-arginine may be beneficial for people watching their cholesterol levels, because it helps to stimulate the release of nitric oxide from the wall of blood vessels.
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MigrAway™- For Proper Blood Flow to the Brain
MigrAway combines standardized extracts of feverfew, Ginkgo biloba, white willow bark and ginger, with vitamins B2 and B6, to support proper blood vessel tension and expansion, especially in those vessels supplying blood to the brain.
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Niacin+™- For Healthy Cholesterol Levels and Cardiovascular Health
Niacin+ contains a flush-free form of niacin, inositol hexanicotinate, along with vitamin C and chromium, which have all been shown to nutritionally support healthy cholesterol levels.
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RejuVeinate™- For Healthy Veins and Skin
RejuVeinate contains the herbs horse chestnut, butcher's broom, bilberry and the bioflavonoid hesperidin to promote healthy vein structure. RejuVeinate also contains gotu kola and vitamin C for their support for skin tone and collagen protection.

Vinpocetine- Circulation Enhancer
Vinpocetine is a derivative of vincamine, an extract of the periwinkle plant. Over 100 studies have been conducted on vinpocetine, and some studies have shown that it helps the body to maintain healthy circulation in the brain. Studies also suggested that vinpocetine supports the availability of glucose and oxygen to the brain. Click here for ordering Information.




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