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Bodybuilding and toning Electronic Muscle Stimulation Units

  Bodybuilding and Toning Electronic Stimulation Units

MODEL 2000 and MODEL 4000


EMS Units

Price Comparison with other EMS units

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) For the relaxation of muscle spasms, increasing range of motion, reduction and prevention of muscle atrophy, reeducation of muscles and increasing local blood circulation. For relief from minor pain (joint pains, muscle aches, etc) and stress. To strengthen muscles, improve overall appearance, and enhance your physical training.

MODEL 2000 - 2 Channel 8 Pads Compare at $400 $250.00
MODEL 4000 - 4 Channel 12 Pads Compare at $500 $325.00
MODEL 4000R - EMS/TENS/Russian Stimulation 4 Channel 12 Pads Compare at $600 $425.00
Doctor's Prescription Required for 4000R

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Self Adhesive Electrodes

  As you know, most of us do not have the time to spend our lives in the Gym or eat special diets. We are just looking for a way to tighten the waist line, trim down the thighs, love handles or get some definition in our arms or legs to look and feel better. We all want realistic results and not implied results through pictures, the EMS Model 4000 may be the answer for you.

MODEL 2000


Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a technologically advanced science that uses very mild electrical current to exercise your muscles and give you tone, definition, and a figure you can easily maintain and sculpt in the comfort of your home environment.


Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) is a revolutionary muscle exercise concept for use in your own home. Our EMS systems are portable, light weight electronic units that have been scientifically designed and proven to exercise body muscles fast, efficiently & effectively through a series of stimulated contraction & relaxation phases. For years Soviet and Eastern block Olympic contenders have used muscle stimulators to build the same rippling muscles that steroids promised.

Now the practice has finally reached the West. EMS is recommended for anyone participating in bodybuilding, power lifting, martial arts, boxing, or anyone simply wishing to achieve their optimal athletic physique. EMS is used extensively throughout the world. The Medical Advisory Committee has allowed the use of EMS systems by athletes since the 1972 Olympics. Bodybuilders, professional athletes, physiotherapist, sports doctors, US/Canadian Track and Field athletes use EMS systems to supplement their routines. Many doctors use EMS units to aid in the rehabilitation of muscles following injury.


 The EMS unit has two outlets known as channels. Each channel has two wire connections with two pads attached at the end of each wire. The EMS unit delivers a gentle electronic impulse to your muscles via the soft self adhesive pads that comes with your system. By placing the pair of pads on a particular muscle, your muscles responds to the impulses that are generated by contracting and relaxing rhythmically as instructed by you through the unit. When a muscle contracts as a result of a unique EMS/TENS signal, the chemical changes taking place within the muscles are similar to those associated with voluntary contraction in "normal exercising". These chemical reactions which results from muscle contractions utilizes glycogen, fat and other nutrients stored in the muscle. These resulting series of muscle contractions will enable an individual to build, tone, and strengthen, and to combat flabbiness and improve contour. Just strap it on while you're resting, reading, net surfing or watching T.V. and watch your body transform right before your eyes. 

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