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"I was a bit disheartened when the arm of my beloved Aeron chair snapped one evening, however I found your site through a Google search and easily found the part I needed. The day after I placed my order I was surprised and happy to receive a phone call, by a real person, giving me a ship date and contact number should I have any questions. The part arrived exactly as promised and even included an instruction sheet. Thank you for providing this level of great customer service as it is rare in any industry and compels me to tell this story to as many people as I can." - M.P. Benicia, CA

We only sell new Genuine Herman Miller OEM Parts. - Most parts should only be replaced by our trained Herman Miller Service Personnel to make sure they are installed correctly. Herman Miller only permits us to sell easy to install parts such as Casters, Armrest Pads, Lumbar Supports and Seat Foam for Self-Installing. We are no longer permitted to sell more difficult to install parts such as cylinders, Armrest assemblies and other critical parts for Self-Installation. We can install all Herman Miller parts for you to ensure proper assembly. If you are in the greater San Diego Area please drop off your chair off for a free estimate. If you are not near a service center and would like to ship the chair to us we would be happy to give you a free estimate for repair (see examples at bottom). Please note that you will need to pay return shipping. If you would like us to arrange for the pickup of the chair for repair we can provide a Box, shipping to us and return shipping back to you for $195. This will not include the parts and labor for fixing your chair yet you can get an estimate of the cost to replace most parts at the bottom of this page.

Herman Miller Aeron Home Office Ergonomic chair Parts, Accessories and Service


Armrest parts for Chairs Built Prior to 7-8-04
Herman Miller Aeron Home Office Ergonomic chair Parts, Accessories and Service


Herman Miller Aeron Home Office Ergonomic chair Parts, Accessories and Service

Herman Miller Aeron Home Office Ergonomic chair Parts, Accessories and Service
Video Adjustment Information
View these Quicktime videos to learn about the ergonomic adjustment options available on Aeron seating. Instructions shown are for all possible adjustments; specific adjustments vary according to chair model.

Arm Angle (436KB)
Seat Height (390KB)
Tilt Tension (610KB)
Lumbar (490KB)
PostureFit (1.1MB)
Arm Height, Wheel (479KB)
Arm Height, Lever (718KB)
Forward Tilt (499KB)
Tilt Limiter (562KB)


Genuine Herman Miller OEM Aeron Parts Available for Customer Self-Install:

Part Number:
Chair Serial Number (Bottom of Chair - AE113AWBPJG1BBBK3D01):
- B - is the Chair Size
Your Chair Manufacture Date (Bottom of Chair - example - 11/20/2006):

Part #52 - Lumbar Pad Size A has 14 ridges
Part #52 - Lumbar Pad Size B has 17 ridges
Part #52 - Lumbar Pad Size C has 19 ridges

How can I determine my chair size if the label is gone? - To determine the size of your chair, feel underneath the top back lip of the chair's backrest for a number of bumps. 1 bump is A, 2 bumps are B, and 3 bumps are C. One can also measure the seat pan width: Small A is 19 inches wide, Medium B is 20.25 inches wide and Large C is 21.5 inches wide.

"It was amazing. I originally ordered from another website ---------.com, they said they had it in stock. I got no shipment notification for a week so I called and ask what was up...they said it'd ship in 6-7 weeks. So I requested a refund and ordered from you instead. For the record, they took two weeks to finally process my refund. I called every day and got the same story every day - "oh I see you called but nobody has processed a refund." So finally I said, "Okay look, if the money isn't in my bank account in three days, I'm filing a chargeback." Lo and behold, it showed up today. Anyway, back to you guys. I ordered from you and you guys shipped it the same day. It arrived three days later...and I didn't pay for shipping. Amazing service, you guys rock. And thanks for checking up on me, makes me feel special :) I realize this may not be much, but I'm planning on pimping you guys out hardcore on my blog in the next couple days. I can't recommend you strong enough. :)" - Pat from Grand Junction, CO


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